Photon Emission

Photon Emission Microscopy (PEM) or (EMMI) is a high efficient Failure Analysis technique for fault localization on IC's. In principle EMMI or PEM consists of a highly-sensitive CCD or InGaAs detector capable of detecting photons.  These photons are emitted when an electron-hole pair recombines in the active area (FEOL). Both detectors have a typical wavelenght range but InGaAs has a better efficiency covering the complete range. Typical seminconductor related failures are:

  • Junction leakage
  • Gate oxide defect
  • ESD failures
  • Latch Up
  • Leakage currents

Photon Emission is complementary to OBIRCH but is more related to FEOL issues, where OBIRCH is suitable for FEOL as well as BEOL defects. Just like OBIRCH, EMMI analysis can be performed either Frontside or Backside. A backside analysis is advised and has the advantage that no large metal tracks will block the emitted photons. Preparing a sample for Backside analysis requires more steps and special tools inlcuding skills. Frontside analysis suffice with a simple decapsulation or boil-out. Electrical connection can be made using dedicated test sockets or using probe needles.

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