Low resistance deposition

One of our customers demanded very low resistance deposition for one of their circuit edit. Our normally used Tungsten FIB deposition with a resistivity of ±2 Ω⋅µm would not even be sufficient. The connection should at least deal with a current of 10 mA.

Together with Thermo Fischer Scientific we used a technique called Electron Beam Induced Deposition EBID to fulfill this request. This procedure uses normal electron beam deposition with an additional purification step by using oxygen precursor. And these steps repeated several times  to obtain a purified Pt deposition.

As the deposition was part of a circuit it was not possible to determine the exact resistance value. Nevertheless our customer manage to pass through 50mA for a short period of time and even 20mA for an hour. This implies the connections we have made were quite good.


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